Saturday, May 10, 2008

TJ - Eternity (2002)

To this day, the 2002 release "TJ-Eternity" remains the least promoted of all TJ & Digital Dreams related releases.

With the exception of two songs, the whole album was produced and recorded using stereo samples. All vocals were then added at Dublin's Elektra-Studio, where the album has also been mixed and mastered.

Inspired by Ireland the album sounds different from all other releases. TJ again worked in isolation and only collaborated with female vocalist Bianca F. on the track "Nice&Easy". Bianca also supported TJ during his 2002 concert at Dublin's Civic Theater.

In 2003 the album got TJ into a digital media course in Tralee, County Kerry (IRL), where TJ recorded "How many times", which in turn won him a songwriting award from VH-1. The song ended up on the 2005 BEST OF TJ release "Sensitivity".

In comparison to other TJ releases the "Eternity" album is both ambient and experimental.

Bianca F., who sang with TJ on the track "Nice&Easy"

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